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Doctor Loulittle sitting in a park with her black Spanish Water Dog Cailín ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online

& In-Person
Dog Training

Doctor Loulittle Dog Training was established in 2015 to help dogs to improve their relationships with their people. ​

I work to enrich dogs’ lives and use motivating rewards to reinforce the behaviours that you want to see, with a focus on your dog's wellbeing. My training methods do not include any form of intimidation, fear or pain.

I offer online classes, and also in-person sessions in my puppy-proofed garden in Meco. I also provide home visits in Alcalá de Henares and the surrounding areas. If you'd like to know if I cover your area, please get in touch.


My dog training journey began with a foster puppy named Cailín.

Doctor Loulittle standing in a park with the sun in the background asking her black Spanish Water Dog to rest her paws on her arm ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online

I had no idea that this tiny, fearful ball of curls was about to change my life forever.


In my efforts to teach Cailín, I realised that she was the one teaching me. My journey to help her became a path to helping other dogs and their people too.


Choose the best option for you

All consultations include an email with a recap of what we covered in the session, as well as resources and follow-up support, so if you have any questions or doubts, you can just send me a message.

My calendar fills up quite quickly, so if you'd like to save a recurring time slot, just let me know and you can book multiple sessions at once. 

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Doctor Loulittle and her black Spanish Water Dog lying on the grass looking at the book Inside of a Dog ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online

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Doctor Loulittle in Parque La Gavia reaching out her hand and asking her Spanish Water Dog to jump up for a treat ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online


At Doctor Loulittle Dog Training

Training you to train your dog

My aim is to work with you to give you the skills, knowledge and support that you need to train your dog on a day-to-day basis.

Cailín the black Spanish Water Dog ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online


The Teacher

Louise Feaheny AKA Doctor Loulittle. A woman with red curly smiles at the camera ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online


The Coach

A small grey terrier with big eyes and a pink collar ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online


The Stooge Dog

A family of a man, a woman and a baby sit with their three cats and two dogs ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online

Hi, I'm Lou!

About Me

I have studied with different organisations in Spain, Ireland, the UK and online. I passed my IMDT assessment with distinction and am a qualified instructor of  The Real Dog Yoga.


In my spare time (there's not a lot of it!) I volunteer at shelters, and in the last few years, I’ve fostered over 100 bottle-fed puppies and kittens. I also run  Madrid Pet Lovers to help rescues find foster homes and adoptions for the animals in their care. ​


I’m Irish but moved to Madrid in 2013. I live in Meco with my (very patient) husband Jack and our little girls Fía and Ellie, as well as our furry family of two dogs Cailín and Mango; three cats Beatrice Summer, Garfield and Dorothy; our chinchilla Rocky; and two rabbits, Burger Bunny and Sid Vicious.

English & Spanish

All of my services are available in English & Spanish.


Todos los servicios están disponibles en inglés y español.

Online Sessions

I offer online training services to clients worldwide.


No matter where you are, we can work from the comfort of your home.

In-Person Training

I hold in-person training sessions in my puppy-proofed garden in Meco.


This is a safe area designed to allow your dog freedom to explore and play.

I also offer home visits in Alcalá de Henares, Azuqueca de Henares, Camarma de Esteruelas and the surrounding areas. 

All Dogs Welcome

I have experience with puppies and dogs of all ages and breeds.


I have also worked with a lot of nervous & fearful dogs, so their safety is my priority.



A bodeguero and a grey galgo lying on a yoga mat awaiting a treat ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online
Kaitlyn, Hippy & Sombra

Having Lou as a digital resource has really been a lifesaver, and helped me improve not only my dogs’ behavior, but our collective wellbeing. I highly recommend Lou’s services, both in-person if you can, and remotely! 100 out of 10.

black and white French bulldog sitting on a chair ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online
Daniela & Brando

Hice un curso grupal en el Retiro con Louise (la Doctora Loulittle) hace unos meses y me quedé encantada con su metodología de adiestramiento y su don de gente. Gracias a ella la relación entre mi perro y yo ha mejorado muchísimo, así como su obediencia.

A cute brown and white Papillon cross ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online
Daniela & Max

Some people have a job, and others have a calling. It’s obvious that Lou was born to work with animals, and the fact that she’s studied and invested years into her craft is apparent.

Stop-Start Signals in Grooming

Stop-Start Signals in Grooming

Using stop-start signals for grooming. Cailín hates having her hair cut. It's something that has to be done every 5/6 months, so I've had to work on teaching her to tolerate it, even if she doesn't like it. In the past I've taken her to groomers, but found that working with her at home ends up being a lot less stressful for her (even if the haircut doesn't turn out as well!) I've worked on giving her a way to say when she's ready and when she wants to stop. It means that she's a lot more cooperative and the whole process is much easier than just trying to restrain her to get it done. In this case, I'm using a chin rest on the stool. When her chin is resting, I can go ahead, but when she moves away from the stool, I stop. She does take breaks, and I reinforce the breaks as well as reinforcing her for allowing me to keep working. I managed to get her completely clipped last night in a couple of hours. I clipped her body and scissored her face and legs. It's not the best job, but she's happy- and if she's happy, then I'm happy! When I was working on her legs, I used a Lickimat. It's not my preferred method, as I prefer her to opt in, rather than just distracting her, but it was a long time to ask her to stand still without moving much, and by the end of the evening we were both tired and I wanted to get it finished. I remember the first time Jack tried to dry her with a towel, when she was around 8 months old. She went for the towel, and he got a horrible fright. We used to have to muzzle her every time she needed any kind of formal handling done, so this is massive progress for her. Proud of you, girly ❤️