Doctor Loulittle Dog Training was established in 2015 to help dogs to improve their relationships with their owners.

I offer training and behaviour modification for dogs and puppies in

Madrid, Alcalá de Henares and Meco.

I also offer online consultations for clients worldwide.

Your dog's wellbeing is my #1 priority. 

Training Services


Your dog's wellbeing is always my #1 priority.


​I work to enrich dogs' lives and use motivating rewards to reinforce the behaviours that you want to see. My training methods do not include any form of intimidation, fear or pain.

about me

Hi, my name's Lou!

My dog training journey started in 2015 with a foster puppy named Cailín.

I had no idea that this tiny, scared ball of curls was about to change my life forever. When she was just a puppy I realised she was going to be a huge challenge, and so, my training began in order to help her.

I have studied with different organisations in Spain, Ireland, the UK and online. I passed my IMDT assessment with distinction and am a qualified instructor of The Real Dog Yoga. You can find my qualifications and certifications here

In my spare time, I volunteer at shelters and in the last few years, I've fostered 50 bottle-fed puppies and kittens. I also run Madrid Pet Lovers to help rescues find foster homes and adoptions for the animals in their care.

I'm Irish but moved to Madrid in 2013. I live in Meco with my (very patient) husband Jack and our little girl Fía, as well as our furry family of two dogs (Cailín and Mango), three cats (Beatrice Summer, Garfield and Dorothy) and two chinchillas (Rocky and Trevor Philips). 


Lou is special! She came to our farm, in Cordoba for a weekend to help us work out a way to manage our 5 dogs that were running us ragged. Within minutes she had them eating out of her hands, as well as our alpacas! The tips and tricks she showed us have made our life a lot more manageable. On top of that, we now know that Lou works tirelessly, fostering needy animals, hand rearing babies and trying to find homes for shelter dogs in need. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Doctor Loulittle to anyone.