In my training, your dog's wellbeing is my #1 priority, and I never use intimidation, fear or pain. 

When training I use food, toys or any other rewards that your dog finds motivating. If we wouldn't work for free, why should our dogs?

What works for one dog may not work for another, so I'll help you to find what does work for your individual dog. 

There are no quick-fix solutions or magic wands in behaviour modification or training but in our sessions I will equip you with the tools to confidently train your dog in order to reach your goals. When working to change an existing behaviour, I will help you to manage the environment to set your dog up for success, and from there we will work together to teach them what you do want them to do instead. 

I abide by The Institute of Modern Dog Trainer's Code of Ethics


All IMDT Qualified Trainers have undergone a rigorous Assessment process to meet the high standards expected of any IMDT Member.

IMDT Members are practically assessed on both their dog AND people training skills. The IMDT logo is a kite-mark of quality, knowledge and understanding.

Consequently all IMDT Full and Student Members can deliver quality in four major areas of dog training:

  • Group Classes

  • Home Visit Consultations

  • One To One Training

  • Canine Behaviour Knowledge


Furthermore every IMDT Trainer is re-assessed every two years to ensure Continual Professional Development (CPD) is regularly maintained and expanded.

Should any queries arise from dog owners regarding an IMDT Trainer, there is a comprehensive enquiry procedure developed to maintain the highest possible professional standards expected of each IMDT Member.

By booking an IMDT Member, you are booking a Trainer that has CHOSEN to be put through an assessment process second-to-none within the professional dog training and behaviour arena.

As an assessed and qualified member of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers I am also proud to display the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter symbol.

If you'd like to take a look to see exactly what that means, you can find more information here:


'Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour', Level III: Open College Network- July 2018

The Real Dog Yoga Instructors' Course - December 2017, Battersea Old Windsor

2 Day Assessment: IMDT- September 2017, Malaga (Distinction)


Raise your separation anxiety game​- The School of Canine Science- July 2020, Online

Masterclass de Señales de Calma Caninas- Ágora Canina- June 2020, Online

Puppy Assessment- Monique De Roeck Dog Training- June 2020, Online

Coronavirus Awareness Course- The National Skills Academy- June 2020, Online

Grieving the Loss of a Pet- IMDT- June 2020, Online

Loose Lead Walking- Canine Principles - June 2020, Online

Dolor y nutrición en problemas de comportamiento- Más Que Guau - June 2020, Online

Agresividad canina- Más Que Guau - May 2020, Online

OCI Training Classes- Dani Pardos - Ongoing since September 2019 (twice weekly), Meco

Scent for 6- The School of Canine Science - Ongoing, Online

The Dog Rescuer's Guide​- Canine Principles - December 2019, Online

30 Days of Canine Science - The School of Canine Science - September 2019, Online

Dog Training for Humans - Clicker Free Trick Training- Dom Hodgson & Udemy- May 2019, Online

4 Day Practical Instructor Course: IMDT- September 2017, Malaga

K9 First Aid: IMDT- July 2017, Madrid

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Canine Aggression & Rehab: IMDT- May 2017, Malaga

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