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Everything You Need to Know About Pet Insurance in Spain

Updated: Jan 31

Navigating pet insurance in Spain can be a difficult process, especially when different autonomous communities have different legal requirements. For example, did you know that in Madrid it is required by law for all dogs to have third-party insurance?

In the rest of Spain, this only applies to PPPs for the moment. While there were discussions about making it mandatory for all dogs across the country, this has been delayed. It's wise to start exploring options now to ensure your dog is covered when it becomes a legal requirement.

Black Spanish Water Dog sitting on the scales at the vet clinic.

In the past, we had third-party-only insurance for Cailín and Mango, but a few years ago we decided to take out health insurance for them too. Although we've been extremely lucky to never have had a big accident or health scare with either of them, it's reassuring to know that if there ever was an issue, we would get back 80% of the vet bills.

We have both of them insured with Miwuki, and although there are lots of other companies, this is the one that worked out best for us in terms of coverage and price. Previously, we had signed up with a different company, but they only worked with a set list of vets, so it's good to know that no matter where we bring the girls now, they're covered. Cailín is an 8-year-old Spanish Water Dog and her policy costs us €26.81 per month. Mango is a 9-year-old small cross breed and hers costs €21.47.

In this blog, I've gone through some of the important information that you need to know when looking for pet insurance. A lot of it is based on our personal experience, so other companies may differ. If you're looking for a referral code with Miwuki, mine is ODk2U. If you use it, we'll both get a €20 Amazon voucher.

A small grey scruffy dog sitting in a vet's waiting room.

Q: Is pet insurance mandatory in Spain?

A: Currently, only third-party insurance is compulsory in Madrid for all dog owners, and in the rest of Spain, it is required for PPP dogs. While there were discussions about making it mandatory for all dogs across the country as part of the updated ley de bienestar animal, this has been delayed.

Q: What are the different types of pet insurance in Spain?

A: The two main types are third-party insurance and health insurance with third-party coverage.

Third Party Insurance

This type of insurance covers any damage or harm your pet may cause to third parties (other people, animals or property). It's worth noting that many home insurance policies in Spain include third-party coverage for dogs at no additional cost. Check with your provider to see if you can add your dog to your existing policy.

Health Insurance

Health insurance for pets goes beyond the basic coverage provided by third-party insurance. From routine vet visits to unexpected illnesses, accidents, surgeries, and even end-of-life care, health insurance ensures comprehensive support. Certain policies may also cover vaccinations, prosthetics, and specialized treatments like radiotherapy and oncology. Whilst third-party insurance protects others, health insurance protects your dog.

Q: What does Miwuki's health insurance cover?

A: Miwuki's Completmascota plan covers vet visits with an 80% refund, 24/7 emergency care, regular consultations, surgeries, prosthetics, vaccinations (up to €40 per year), deworming in the first year, and more. The plan extends to all breeds, including PPPs, and covers illnesses, accidents, radiotherapy, oncology, and euthanasia costs (up to €150). They also provide veterinary assistance by phone and compensation for pet loss due to accidents.

Q: How does Miwuki's reimbursement process work?

A: Simply pay the vet directly, get them to fill out Miwuki's reimbursement formm and as for a factura (itemised bill), then submit the form and factura to Miwuki via email, WhatsApp, or their website. You'll receive an 80% refund within a few days.

Q: Are there age restrictions for pet insurance?

A: Miwuki's maximum age to insure a dog or cat is 9 years. However, if they are insured before this age, coverage continues for life.

Q: Are there discounts for insuring multiple pets?

A: Yes, Miwuki offers a 10% discount for the first additional animal and 20% for each subsequent one.

Q: What are the waiting periods for coverage?

A: Once you sign up, Miwuki has waiting periods for certain coverages, such as 60 days for diseases and vaccines, 15 days for accidents and accidental death, and 90 days for cruciate ligament injuries.

Q: Does Miwuki support animal rescue?

A: Yes, Miwuki donates 5% of each policy to an animal rescue of your choice. They also collaborate with rescues to promote adoption.

Q: How do I sign up for Miwuki's pet insurance?

A: To sign up, you only need your pet's microchip number. It's quick and easy, and you do the whole process online. You can use the referral code ODk2U and we'll both get a €20 Amazon voucher.

If you've got any more questions, their customer support is fantastic, and they offer assistance via WhatsApp on +34 644 58 52 32. They even offer support in English!


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