Doctor Loulittle was a fantastic help for

Gin and I!

We had some issues with barking and separation anxiety right after moving to Madrid... Gin is doing much better with barking at the doorbell and at neighbours' noises thanks to our session with Louise.

I highly recommend!!


Hice un curso grupal en el Retiro con Louise (la doctora Loulittle) hace unos meses y me quedé encantada con su metodología de adiestramiento y su don de gente. Gracias a ella la relación entre mi perro y yo ha mejorado muchísimo, así como su obediencia; ademas todos los ejercicios de adiestramiento a realizar con tu perro son muy entretenidos y puedes ver como tu peludo disfruta trabajando contigo y aprendiendo cosas nuevas. Con las explicaciones de Louise ha sido muy simple comprender las pautas y realizarlas con mi pequeño bulldog frances, que no es exactamente el mas rápido en aprender.

Sin duda volvería a contar con ella en caso de necesitar una educadora canina.


I've had Lou for one-on-one training sessions with my dog, and also attended training events (first aid, obedience, reactivity) in Madrid that she has given and they are all top notch and she is fabulous.

Lou is the best.


Louise is brilliant! An amazing source of knowledge and always willing to help. We don't currently live in the same country but she has always been generous in her advice on how to deal with our senior rescue. Her advice is always grounded in positive training and her tips ALWAYS work. She's great and I couldn't recommend her more.


Louise helped us a lot with Joy's anxiety. By using different methods, like spreading her food on the floor or use it as a game or reward, she is way calmer now and obedient. She hasn't got anxiety anymore and she can now be alone without us fearing for her safety or the house's (before meeting Louise we always found something destroyed and were always in fear of Joy choking on something she shouldn't chew).
Great advice! She cares for the dog's mental wellbeing, instead of just making them obedient, she finds the reason for the behaviour so she can correct it while keeping the dog happy.


My little dog Sienna was scared of other dogs and stressed out when on walks. Within 4 sessions with Doctor Loulittle my little girl Sienna was a lot more relaxed, even willing to say hello to strange dogs.

Doctor Loulittle really cares about you and your pet, she is always willing to talk with you out of hours and what I really love about her is she is very understanding. I highly recommend :)


Great session for our schnauzers- we learned so much and have new things to practice. Louise was awesome. Thanks!!


Lou is special! She came to our farm, in Cordoba for a weekend to help us work out a way to manage our 5 dogs that were running us ragged. Within minutes she had them eating out of her hands, as well as our alpacas! The tips and tricks she showed us have made our life a lot more manageable. On top of that, we now know that Lou works tirelessly, fostering needy animals, hand rearing babies and trying to find homes for shelter dogs in need.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Doctor Loulittle to anyone.


Louise is so knowledgeable, understanding and is able to explain things in relatable terms to help you work with your dog towards your goal and beyond. This coupled with a genuinely lovely nature and a desire to help animals makes her beyond 5 star in my book.