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Here’s what people have to say about Doctor Loulittle!

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Louise has been a constant source of advice and support since we embarked on our dog adoption process. She has a real love for animals and thinks deeply about what is best for their wellbeing. Her advice is invaluable. Highly recommended.




Stumbling across Louise’s Facebook page about 6 years ago was hands down the best thing that could have ever happened! Louise has been a constant support to me over the years ever since adopting a dog with previous trauma and challenges. I’ve attended her group training classes and also really benefitted from some incredible advice.

Louise’s way with all animals is just wonderful! She has a wealth of knowledge and a training plan for every challenge. No question is ever too small or too big for her.

I feel so lucky to have met Louise and always recommend her to everybody!! Thanks for EVERYTHING!

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

a black labrador wearing a red bandana ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online



Lou nos ha ayudado muchísimo con nuestro perro. Hemos estado en contacto con ella desde antes de tenerlo en casa. Ha sido un apoyo increíble en cada experiencia con Pippo. Nos ha escuchado y comprendido, sobre todo en nuestras frustraciones y agobios. Sabemos que contamos con ella en cualquier momento. La verdad que sin ella hubiera sido más difícil disfrutar y educar a Pippo desde una educación positiva y respetuosa para nuestro peque. ¡Muchas gracias por tu apoyo constante! ☺️

A tricolor merle podenco collie cross puppy sitting down and looking at the camera ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online



I just have to say how ABSOLUTELY AMAZING Louise is!!!!

I have been extremely nervous about getting a puppy and making sure to do everything right. Louise has answered all of my insane questions and worries. She has been there 24/7 for whatever I need and all of her advice works!!! Everything she has said has helped. I 100% recommend her!!!!

A tiny brown chihuahua puppy looking at the camera and sitting in a grey bed ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online



Omg, no words!!! We are about to receive our very first puppy ever. I knew absolutely nothing about dogs and was very scared about the new addition to our family. And then came Lou. The single most amazing person and trainer I've ever met with in my life!! Before our actual booked session she was in touch with me every day for a week and answered all my questions! And I had millions of them. But she was so patient and helpful, that honestly I cannot express! Our session via Zoom was amazing, really structured and extremely informative. Millions of recommendations, sources, ideas... Honestly, best experience ever. Thanks Lou for everything!!!

A brown pointer in a play bown position on a yoga mat with a woman pointing to the floor ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online


Poppy & Daisy

I have known Lou for almost 2 years now and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her.

She has helped me with my rescue dog Poppy a number of times. Poppy loves Lou because all the training is fun and kind. I was dreading training Poppy to wear a muzzle, as she is the sweetest dog ever and certainly doesn’t need to wear one, but for the Madrid Metro it is obligatory. Never did I imagine that training her to wear it would actually be fun for Poppy, but guided by Lou it turned out to be a trouble and pain free process and now Poppy goes everywhere on the metro with me and loves it. Lou is very patient and doesn’t use a “one size fits all” attitude to training…she is very patient with both the dog and the owner! She will do whatever to takes to resolve the matter, accepting that all dogs are different and will use her imagination to come up with the best thing for the individual dog.

During Covid19 Lockdown I have still wanted to do some training, but unable to do it outside we tried it via Skype with Lou. Again a tremendous success!! The only problem was when a dog treat went under my sofa and Poppy being a hunting dog wouldn’t leave it alone and concentrate on the training, until I had moved the sofa and retrieved the treat! Lou on the other end of Skype waited patiently for us to resume proceedings! It was great fun for Poppy and I and even at a distance Lou can work her magic. She is a very special trainer, I feel lucky to have found her.

A woman in a purple coat crouching beside a husky cross wearing a muzzle ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online



Lou is an amazing dog trainer. She is very patient and used multiple ways to help our stubborn Husky, Duke.

We needed help with muzzle training with Duke so that we can go on the metro with him and have piece of mind when going to the vet. We were very hesitant at first to have him wear a muzzle because of the stigma that comes with it —-he must be a bad dog or had a bad encounter because he is wearing one. We wanted to associate that the muzzle is a good thing. In the beginning of the session, he was getting frustrated and so we changed course and tried a more relaxing laying down method with him. What I love about Lou is she understands that one size does not fit all and every dog is unique.

We checked in with her about his progress with the muzzle and she was able to course correct and give feedback. He is so comfortable with the muzzle he even fell asleep on top of me with it on. Now it the fun toy that he gets a ton of treats for wearing! We have also done group walks with Lou and thoroughly enjoyed them. We had 10 dogs together – all different sizes and breeds and by the end of the session they were all friends. They were so calm and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was amazing to see so many dogs getting along on leash and the instruction to the owners was very helpful and insightful. Hope to do more group walks soon! Highly recommend her!

a sleeping collie ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online

Katie Amelia


Had a fantastic online consultation with Lou today! She listened to our woes and have us a training plan that fitted with our lifestyle and is tailored towards our very niche objectives! She was easy to talk to and had a wealth of knowledge and experience. I feel really inspired and hopeful and my dog was making progress within the session, just understanding his issues and how to help him resolve them was super powerful.

We need to practice with the tools she gave us over the coming weeks but already this feels like the best money I’ve ever spent to be able to enjoy my dogs company again.

a brown pointer dog looking at the camera ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online

Jess, Justin


We decided to book a session with Louise having recently adopted a young German shorthaired pointer. He is a gorgeous boy but as with any rescue dog there were a few challenges that we weren’t really sure how to resolve.

In our first session Louise really got to know us all and quickly had an understanding of how things were and how we hoped they could be. The activities were really fun, Kali thoroughly enjoyed himself and was exhausted afterwards. Louise doesn’t only give the dog lots of praise but the owners too, so you leave feeling confident to keep working on what you’ve learnt once you get home. In between sessions she is in touch offering loads of useful ideas and lots of support.

What we love the most is that Louise really adapts the training to your dog as an individual and helps you to work with their breed and their personality. The training is so positive and really encourages all their natural doggy behaviours. We feel so much more confident now that we understand why Kali does certain things and we know how to respond. Kali has made excellent progress with everything Louise has taught us.

We would definitely recommend dog training with Louise to anyone.

a sleeping brown dog ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online



Canelo, my dog, and i asked for an online consultation with Louise because i felt there were some problems with Canelo that i just didn’t know how to fix. It was a lovely talk we had from the beginning to the end. She really listened to Canelo’s story and based on that she gives us tips, tricks and training methods that we can apply. We even did some training with Canelo trough the camera so she could see how he reacts in different situations. After the call, the follow up was great! We kept sending her videos on his progress and she kept giving us tips.

Long story short, this was the best thing we did for Canelo and an amazing experience. Because of all this Canelo is a much more relaxed dog now and altough we still need to keep training, the difference is already there!!

a brown and white springer spaniel cross podence puppy with his nose in a foodbowl ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online



Wenlock joined our family two weeks ago and although he is gorgeous he is something of a handful; we were feeling a little nervous about what we had got ourselves in for! I found Louise through the Madrid Pet Lovers page and am so glad I did! We had our first session last night via Zoom and Louise was brilliant. So friendly and warm and so knowledgeable.

We really trusted all of her recommendations and everything is clearly based in science, which made us feel comfortable. As well as making suggestions based on her knowledge, Louise also recognises that each dog is unique, so we tried a few different exercises with Wenlock to see which worked best. We’ve got some homework to do with him and are looking forward to our training and play sessions this week. We are working on stopping the puppy biting (Louise recommended redirection and scent work), manners (making sure he is always sitting before he gets treats etc.) and “drop” when we’re playing with toys. We’ll also be focusing on feeding him without his dog bowl to get his little brain working and tire him out that way rather than just physically.

Both my boyfriend and I are feeling much more confident about training him – we just want to do the right thing by him! Already excited for our next session, as is Wenlock (especially if it involves chicken…).

a bodeguero and a grey galgo lying down on a yoga mat being hand fed a treat ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online


Hippy & Sombra

22 April 2018:

I’ve had Lou for one-on-one training sessions with my dog, and also attended training events (first aid, obedience, reactivity) in Madrid that she has given and they are all top notch and she is fabulous.

Lou is the best.


24 May 2020 update:

Lou is the person I trust most for all things dog-related. So much so that, even after leaving Madrid, I have done Skype video consultations with her. Dog training actually relates, in large part, to training human owners. In this way, I was able to get expert advice and resolve issues that had me in tears, all the way from the other side of Spain. Having Lou as a digital resource has really been a lifesaver, and helped me improve not only my dogs’ behavior, but our collective wellbeing. I highly recommend Lou’s services, both in-person if you can, and remotely! 100 out of 10.

a brown and white Papillon puppy ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online



Some people have a job, and others have a calling. It’s obvious that Lou was born to work with animals, and the fact that she’s studied and invested years into her craft is apparent.

We consulted on everything from crate training to walking on a lead and barking. We got her in early to make sure that as Max grew older he’d have a solid foundation.

I think the biggest win is he happily goes into his crate without being asked. A simple “bedtime!” and he’s on his way. We’ve made it a safe space, not punishment, and at night, we even leave the crate door open as he sleeps (& snores) all night.

We use her tips daily and as a result, we’ve got a happy, well-socialized pup! Lou, we’ll be calling on you again soon! Thanks for everything!

A small brown scruffy dog with one raised ear looking at the camera ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online



Lou is amazing!!!!

She is so wonderful with dogs, and she made me and my dog feel so comfortable.

I adopted an adult dog at a shelter and could not teach my dog anything as basic as even sit. I was beginning to feel hopeless but after a 2 hour session my dog was sitting like a little pro!
I could not be a more proud and happy dog momma!

a white fluffy dog looking up at the camera ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online



Doctor Loulittle was a fantastic help for Gin and I! We had some issues with barking and separation anxiety right after moving in Madrid… Gin is doing much more better with barking on doorbell and on neighbors’ noises thanks to our session with Louise.

I  Highly recommend!!

a chocolate labrador looking at the camera with a relaxed expression and an empty mouth ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online



Louise is so knowledgeable, understanding and is able to explain things in relatable terms to help you work with your dog towards your goal and beyond. This coupled with a genuinely lovely nature and a desire to help animals makes her beyond 5 star in my book.

a black and white French bulldog with an underbite sitting on a chair ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online



Hice un curso grupal en el Retiro con Louise (la doctora Loulittle) hace unos meses y me quedé encantada con su metodología de adiestramiento y su don de gente.

Gracias a ella la relación entre mi perro y yo ha mejorado muchísimo, así como su obediencia; ademas todos los ejercicios de adiestramiento a realizar con tu perro son muy entretenidos y puedes ver como tu peludo disfruta trabajando contigo y aprendiendo cosas nuevas. Con las explicaciones de Louise ha sido muy simple comprender las pautas y realizarlas con mi pequeño bulldog frances, que no es exactamente el mas rápido en aprender. Sin duda volvería a contar con ella en caso de necesitar una educadora canina.

a brown and white Chihuahua puppy looking at the camera ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online



I had some problems with my little dog Sienna who was scared of other dogs and stressed out when on the walks. I was at my wit’s end and had tried all sort to make walkies more enjoyable for the both of us. This is when I was recommended to Doctor Loulittle. Within just as few as 4 appointments of training with her my little girl Sienna she was a lot more relaxed even willing to say hello to strange dogs.

Doctor Loulittle really cares about you and your pet, she is always willing to talk with you out of hours and what I really love about Doctor Loulittle is she is very understanding. I highly recommend.

A woman in a pink sweater looking at the camera and smiling while a podenco rests his head in her lap with his eyes closed ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online

Alan & Lorna

Casper, Kiko, Blue, Carlos, Miluco & The Alpacas

Lou is special! She came to our farm, in Cordoba for a weekend to help us work out a way to manage our 5 dogs that were running us ragged. Within minutes she had them eating out of her hands, as well as our alpacas! The tips and tricks she showed us have made our life a lot more manageable. On top of that, we now know that Lou works tirelessly, fostering needy animals, hand rearing babies and trying to find homes for shelter dogs in need. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Doctor Loulittle to anyone.

a pug lying on her back on the ground ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online



Louise helped us a lot with Joy’s anxiety. By using different methods, like spreading her food on the floor or use it as a game or reward, she is way calmer now and obedient. She hasn’t got anxiety anymore and she can now be alone without us fearing for her safety or the house’s (before meeting Louise we always found something destroyed and were always in fear of Joy choking on something she shouldn’t chew). Great advice! She cares for the dog’s mental wellbeing, instead of just making them obedient, she finds the reason for the behaviour so she can correct it while keeping the dog happy.

a grey muzzled jack russell terrier looks at the camera ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online



Louise is brilliant! An amazing source of knowledge and always willing to help. We don’t currently live in the same country but she has always been generous in her advice on how to deal with our senior rescue. Her advice is always grounded in positive training and her tips ALWAYS work. She’s great and I couldn’t recommend her more.

a small yorkshire terrier looks at the camera ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online



We are working with Lou to help us with our yorkie puppy. Helping us reinforce/maintain good behaviours and correct some bad habits we’ve picked up along the way. I’d recommend Lou as the sessions are specific to you and your needs.

We’ve tried previous trainers and it was generic and not really helpful, but now it’s the opposite I leave sessions with Lou feeling more confident as a dog owner, and our puppy is progressing well!

a woman in an orange t-shirt is kneeling on the ground and hand feeding two schnauzers ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online


Grossi & Sahna

Great session for our schnauzers- we learned so much and have new things to practice.

Louise was awesome. Thanks!!

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