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Ethics & Qualifications

My code of ethics
In my training, your dog’s wellbeing is my #1 priority, and I never use intimidation, fear or pain.

When training I use food, toys or any other rewards that your dog finds motivating. If we wouldn’t work for free, why should our dogs?

What works for one dog may not work for another, so I’ll help you to find what does work for your individual dog.


There are no quick-fix solutions or magic wands in behaviour modification or training but in our sessions, I will equip you with the tools to confidently train your dog in order to reach your goals.


When working to change an existing behaviour, I will help you to manage the environment to set your dog up for success, and from there we will work together to teach them what you do want them to do instead.

A black and tan dog walking in heel position and taking a treat ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online

"The more I learn,

the more I realize

how much I don't know."

- Albert Einstein
a woman playing tug with a black Spanish Water Dog in the snow. She's wearing a bright orange jacket and the dog is wearing a teal harness and sweater ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online



‘Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour’ Level III

Under ‘Certifications’ I have included courses that involved an assessment, in all of which I achieved Distinction.




The Real Dog Yoga

Instructors’ Course



2 Day Assessment

The Institute of Modern Dog Training (IMDT)

Pat's Rescue Retreat, Spain

Continued Professional Development (CPD)

In my quest to expand my knowledge, I pride myself on undergoing Continuous Professional Development. These are courses that I have attended both in-person and online which have helped to amplify my toolbox of canine knowledge and understanding, in order to think outside the box to better help you and your dog.

Canine Nutrition Masterclass

Dr Conor Brady

January 2024- Online

Canine Neutering Webinar

The School of Canine Science

May 2023- Online

Mini Course

Dog Meets Baby: Dominika Knossalla-Pado

July 2022- Online


Behaviour Bible: Full 3 Year Course

The School of Canine Science

August 2021- Ongoing, Online

Comportamiento y manejo de los perros tímidos

Edogtorial: Mara Velez

November 2021-  Online

Fireworks Masterclass

Bone Canis: Mark Bridger-Pescott

October 2021-  Online

Walking Your Dog!

Nordic Education Centre for Dog Trainers: Turid Ruugas

October 2021-  Online

Dog Trainers Workshop- Teaching Pet Parents Body Language for a more Positive Outcome

Empowered Dog

October 2021, Online

The Double Recall - Unleash your dog’s desire to return to you!

The Virtual Dog Conference 2021: Simone Müller

September 2021, Online


El desafío de la comida cruda de 2 semanas, dame solo 14 días y te mostraré lo que esta comida hace por tu perro
Dogs First & CaniDogs Center: Dr. Conor Brady

 August 2021, Online


the Dog Enrichment Course

Instinct Dog Behaviour & Training

June 2021, Online


the Leash Reactive Dog Course

Instinct Dog Behaviour & Training

June 2021, Online

the Patient and Polite Dog Course

Instinct Dog Behaviour & Training

June 2021, Online

Husbandry is my Agility
Chirag Patel & Eva Bertilsson

April 2021, Online

An Introduction to Raw Feeding
Dr. Nick Thompson

February 2021, Online

A Professional’s Guide to Canine Intelligence
The School of Canine Science

January 2021, Online

The Truth About Cats & Dogs
The University of Edinburgh

December 2020, Online

Understanding Dog Aggression Michael Shikashio

December 2020, Online

But is it really Separation Anxiety?
Separation Anxiety Dog: Dr. Moira Hechenleitner

December 2020, Online

Noise Sensitivity in Dogs
Separation Anxiety Dog: Dr. Moira Hechenleitner

December 2020, Online

Bonding & Enriching the Life of a Fearful Dog Through Tricks:

Sarah Rodriguez*

Making Scent Detection Accessible to Every Dog:

Jamie Pound*

Positive Solutions for Behavior, Performance & Health- Aging Dogs:

Lori Stevens*

Thousand Hour Eyes- Reading the Scenting Dog:

Steve White*

Creating Resilience and Tolerance to Frustration through Shaping and Play:

Kamal Fernandez*

People Centred Solutions for Dog Trainers & Behaviourists:

Clair Hickson*

Bitey Side of Business- Expanding Your Business Around Aggression Cases:

Michael Shikashio*

Identifying and Treating Separation Anxiety- The 4 Key Pillars for Success:

Dr. Moira Hechenleitner*

Watching & Wondering- The Science & Soul of Dog Training:

Dr. Ian Dunbar*

*(The above webinars were all part of The International Dog Trainers Winter Summit- December 2020, Online)

With Open Arms and a Level Head: How to Bring a Puppy Into Your Life
Madcap University

October 2020, Online

Wolf Awareness
Canine Principles: Simone Müller

October 2020, Online

The Dogs & Kids Course
Instinct Dog Behaviour & Training

September 2020, Online

Decoding Your Cat – Feline Elimination Problems
WINN Feline Foundation

August 2020, Online

Predation Substitute Training: New Ways to Manage Predatory Chasing​
Grisha Stewart Dog Training & Behavior: Simone Müller

August 2020, Online

Raise your Separation Anxiety Game​
The School of Canine Science

July 2020, Online

Masterclass de Señales de Calma Caninas
Ágora Canina

June 2020, Online

Canine First Aid- Paw and Pad Injuries

Rachel Bean RVN's School

June 2020, Online

Puppy Assessment
Monique De Roeck Dog Training

June 2020, Online

Coronavirus Awareness Course
The National Skills Academy

June 2020, Online

Grieving the Loss of a Pet

June 2020, Online

Loose Lead Walking
Canine Principles

June 2020, Online

Dolor y nutrición en problemas de comportamiento
Más Que Guau

June 2020, Online

Agresividad canina
Más Que Guau

May 2020, Online

OCI Training Classes
Dani Pardos

September 2019 – October 2020, Meco (twice weekly)

Scent for 6
The School of Canine Science

Ongoing, Online

Dr. Ian Dunbar’s SIRIUS® Dog Trainer Academy – All 4 Days
Udemy: Dr. Ian Dunbar

December 2019, Online

The Dog Rescuer’s Guide​
Canine Principles

December 2019, Online

30 Days of Canine Science
The School of Canine Science

September 2019, Online

Dog Training for Humans: Clicker Free Trick Training
Udemy: Dom Hodgson

May 2019, Online

4 Day Practical Instructor Course

September 2017, Malaga

K9 First Aid

July 2017, Madrid

UK Dog Trainers & Behaviourists 2017 Conference

Jun 2017, Hertfordshire

Canine Aggression & Rehab

May 2017, Malaga

Perfect Puppy Foundations

May 2017, Malaga

2 Day Career as a Dog Trainer

May 2017, Malaga

Resource Guarding

March 2017, Dublin


Relación entre la Correa y la Agresividad
Santi Vidal

May 2017, Madrid

Dog Training For Humans- Stop Pulling on the Lead!
Udemy: Dom Hodgson

January 2017, Online

Rookie: In the Doghouse Trick Club
January 2017, Online

The Dog’s BFF Award

June 2016, Online

Introducción del perro rescatado en su nuevo hogar
Turid Rugaas & Edogtorial

April 2016, Madrid

Resolución de problemas
Turid Rugaas & Edogtorial

April 2016, Madrid

Animal Behaviour & Welfare
The University of Edinburgh

December 2015, Online

A brown pointer in a play bow position ¦ English & Spanish dog training in Madrid and online
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